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Square Theatre

Theme: Wellbeing

While we have never before been able to treat or cure so many illnesses and diseases, public health is declining. We stay more indoors and thus see less sunlight, move less because we sit more, work longer, stare at a computer screen all day, are exposed to polluted air filled with smells, nitrogen and particulate matter, etc. Depression, obesity, and stress reign supreme. That is why wellbeing in the built environment is put in the limelight the past couple of years.

Moderator: Daan Bruggink

11:00 Daan Bruggink, ORGA architect

Title: Biophilic architecture and Wellbeing

Daan, architect and founder of ORGA architect, is seen as a visionary and designer with a great influence on the construction of tomorrow. Daan has an extensive and diverse portfolio of sustainable projects, constructed in natural, bio-based materials. His biophilic architecture strengthens the bond between human and nature.

11:35 Shaakira Jassat, Studio Sway

Title: Aquatecture- Embracing water in the urban environment 

Having completed her BSc. Interior Architecture at the University of Pretoria, Shaakira worked in the field of architecture in Johannesburg. After a few years, she wanted to expand on her possibilities as a designer and moved to the Netherlands to study at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Her previous profession in the architectural field, together with her upbringing in a young democracy in South Africa plays a role in informing her current work. Her latest projects focus on using design as a tool to create products and installations, whilst raising awareness around water as a precious resource.

12:10 Yoon Seok-hyeon, Studio Yoon Seok-hyeon

Title: Story of ceramics

Born in Korea, Yoon finished his bachelor Industrial Design at Kookmin University in Seoul in 2012. In 2015, he started at the Design Academy Eindhoven. After his graduation in 2019, he founded his own design studio. 

12:45 Daria Biryukova, Studio Mixtura

Title: Sustainable Challenges | waste-based materials

Studio Mixtura is founded by Daria Biryukova. She is a design alchemist with a fascination to experiment with waste and secondary raw materials. With her studio, she constantly searches for smart, sustainable and beautiful solutions for products and production processes, particularly in the field of ceramics. Her work is characterized by material experiments, in-depth research and a love for colour and ingenuity of craftsmanship.

13:15 Break
14:00 Sarmite Polakova, Studio Sarmite

Title: Under the skin of a Pine tree

Sarmite Polakova is a Latvian designer living and working between Frankfurt and Amsterdam. In 2015 she graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven where she developed a special interest in material research and storytelling. Sarmite‘s designs are significant for the development of sustainable materials and production techniques that do no harm to the planet.

14:35 Soowon Chae, Studio Soowon Chae

Title: Red Ocher and a Wise Man

Soowon Chae graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2019 and lives and works in Eindhoven. The primitive and unspoiled beauty of nature, the innate creativity of man and interaction between man and nature are themes that fascinate him. He is particularly interested in how meanings and functions change over time and how authentic values are given a new interpretation. 

15:10 Eloïse Maes & Audrey Werthle, La Gaoude Atelier

Title: Innovating through craft

La Gaoude Atelier’s specificity is its in-depth knowledge of materials, the wish to extend the possibilities of creation by twisting traditional technics. La Gaoude Atelier stands between craft and innovation. Their research is looking towards natural and sustainable materials as La Gaoude Atelier wishes to create objects that are freed from ephemeral trends.

15:45 Laura van der Pol & Atze Boerstra, DGMR & BBA

Title: Healthy material choices

Atze Boerstra founded the indoor environmental research and consultancy firm bba Indoor Environment in 1996. This gave him the opportunity to pursue his vision of focussing on the building occupant to guarantee a healthy and comfortable working and living environment.


Laura van de Pol has been focussed on sustainability as an interior designer and architect for over 10 years. Her holistic design approach translates to healthy humans and healthy environment as the focus – creating beautiful and responsible design into the future.

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Round Theatre

Tomorrow’s Timber

11:00 Pablo van der Lugt, Green Matters

Title: Timber, the concrete of the 21 century – An overview of recent developments

TED speaker Pablo van der Lugt (PhD, MSc Eng) is a passionate advocate of high performance bio-based materials. In the vision of van der Lugt in the essential transition towards a more circular economy there are tremendous opportunities for smart bio-based materials made from fast-growing resources such as (modified) softwood and (engineered) giant bamboo, to substitute carbon intensive, high performance materials from the techno-cycle such as metals, minerals and plastics (PVC). Van der Lugt is the author of 5 books on sustainable building materials, including Booming Bamboo (2017).

11:35 Marc Koehler, MKA

Title: Open Building & the Timber Revolution

Marc studied Engineering at the Amsterdam School of Technology, Urbanism at the Technical University of Lisbon and Architecture at the Technical University of Delft, where he graduated with Honors in 2003. After working at the renowned Dutch architecture firm Architekten Cie. Marc founded his own design practice MKA in 2005.

12:10 Atto Harsta, Aldus bouwinnovatie

Titel: The 19th century was the age of steel, the 20th of concrete; this century is the new age of timber (NL)

Atto Harsta, building technologist and industrial designer, realises sustainable and healthy living environments. He combines natural wonder and creativity with a social incentive. His most important source of inspiration is nature in which, through evolution, perfect simplicity is combined with functionality and beauty.

12:45 Robert Winkel, Mei Architecten

Title: Evolutie van timber in 25 jaar Mei (NL)

Robert Winkel is the energetic leader of Mei and manages of a team of around 30 designers and experts. He founded Mei architects and planners and succeeded in growing the office in 25 years into an award-winning international firm specialized in redevelopment, urban planning and innovation in architecture. As chief designer, he is the driving force behind all projects at the office. 

13:30 Odette Ex for Flokk & INSIDE/INSIDE

Title: Duurzame en circulaire interieurs, we kunnen en moeten aan de slag! (NL)

Odette Ex is founder and owner of Ex Interiors. In her work, she aims to create inspiring and habitable spaces in which the wellbeing of the user and the human dimension takes centre stage. 

Ex is co-founder of INSIDE/INSIDE, which makes it possible compare the sustainability of products, based on independent measuring methods.


14:00 Vincent Elshof

Title: The afterlife of an Olympic stadium

Vincent Elshof just graduated from the university of technology in Eindhoven. Together with his fascination for sports venues, he decided to design an Olympic soccer stadium. What made this thesis special is the sustainable ambition by reusing the stadium after the Olympic Games have finished, instead of handing the structure over to the destructive nature of time.

14:35 Daan van Rooijen, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

Title: (Bio)composieten als alternatief bouwmateriaal met een zeer lage CO2 uitstoot (NL)

Daan van Rooijen is associate lector bio composites at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences since 15 September 2012. He reseraches material properties, and new production processes and applications of various biocomposites. With this, he aims to convince the industry and students of the many design and construction possibilitiesof a new generation construction materials to replace the current polluting ones.

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