* Programma onder voorbehoud. De lezingen zijn in het Engels tenzij anders aangegeven.

Theater 1

Theme: Biobased Materials

Moderator: Daan Bruggink

11:00 Gerrit-Jan Teunissen, TRAJECT

Title: Building Healthy Buildings

Gerrit-Jan Teunissen is consultant at TRAJECT Adviseurs & Managers, specialized in energy, sustainability and health & wellbeing in the build environment. This session provides insight in methods which lead to application of healthy materials in buildings. The choice of materials is not been considered as important as other key issues such as energy performance. But nowadays, building materials determine if a building could be considered as green, sustainable or healthy. So do we know when to make important choices and where are these based on? There are a lot of methods/structures available who can assist in determining the materials which suit your project at best. This session is intended to provide insight in building and material certification, what driving factors they have, how to work with them and how the market is using them, illustrated by examples.

11:35 Lisete Moutinho, Amorim

Title: Bio-based cork polymer compounds – Sustainable solutions

Lisete Moutinho is technical Manager at Amorim Cork Composites since 2016 in Innovation Department with academic background of Biochemistry and currently PDh student in Materials’ Engineering and Science.

12:10 Kathryn Larsen, Studio Kathryn Larsen

Title: Biomaterials from the Ocean: Building with Seaweed, Seagrass and Shell

Kathryn Larsen was born and raised in the US, but is now based in The Netherlands and Denmark. She is a Masters thesis candidate at the TU Delft Architecture track (2020-2022), and recipient of several grants from Boligfonden Kubens Spirekasse to fund her experimental research studio. She is the owner of Studio Kathryn Larsen, where she combines her practical architectural technologist education with a tactile design process, that involves sketching, drawing by hand, and material experimentation.

12:45 Daan Bruggink, ORGA Architect

Title: Biobased en biofilische architectuur (NL)

Daan Bruggink is an architect and founder of ORGA architect. ORGA is an innovative architectural firm and forerunner in the field of biobased and biophilic architecture. His projects are all examples of buildings in which nature is maximally integrated.

We are all still 99% coded of course. The more nature in and around our buildings, the better for our well-being, concentration and production. Lots of light, air and greenery suit us. Daan Bruggink of ORGA architect explains how a more natural and biophilic architecture makes us healthier. Natural materials, wood construction, lots of greenery in the building characterize this architecture. He explains this on the basis of primary school De Verwondering in Almere. In 2021, it won the Golden Frog for the most sustainable project in the Netherlands!

13:15 Break

Theme: Tomorrow’s Timber

Moderator: Daan Bruggink

14:00 Pablo van der Lugt, Green Matters

Title: The Timber Building Revolution; biobased building from margin to mainstream – part 1: the why

TED speaker Pablo van der Lugt (PhD, MSc Eng) is a passionate advocate of high performance bio-based materials. In the vision of van der Lugt in the essential transition towards a more circular economy there are tremendous opportunities for smart bio-based materials made from fast-growing resources such as (modified) softwood and (engineered) giant bamboo, to substitute carbon intensive, high performance materials from the techno-cycle such as metals, minerals and plastics (PVC). Van der Lugt is the author of 5 books on sustainable building materials, including Booming Bamboo (2017) and Tomorrow’s Timber.

14:35 Atto Harsta, Aldus bouwinnovatie

Titel: The Timber Building Revolution; biobased building from margin to mainstream – part 2: The how

Atto Harsta, building technologist and industrial designer, realises sustainable and healthy living environments. He combines natural wonder and creativity with a social incentive. His most important source of inspiration is nature in which, through evolution, perfect simplicity is combined with functionality and beauty.

15:10 Eric Thijssen, MKA

Title: Grote houten, modulaire, betaalbare, duurzame woonprojecten (NL)

Eric Thijssen joined MKA as an associate in 2017. At MKA he’s inspired by the opportunities to connect strong architectural concepts and social needs with buildings designed for daily life, resulting in an architecture that has relevance for the architectural discourse, contributes to the public realm and creates a sense of belonging in our society. Working for two decades on award-winning projects in renowned Dutch architecture practices such as Neutelings Riedijk Architects and de Architekten Cie. has given Eric an intricate knowledge of all processes involved in the practice of architecture from concept to completion. 

15:45 Robert Platje, Mei architecten

Title:  SAWA: Towards the timber revolution

Robert has been working as a project manager and construction technologist at Mei since 2000. In 2017, he was named associate partner. Robert is a BREEAM-NL expert at the Dutch Green Building Council, a utility building committee member at SBR, and a member of the BNA policy advisory committee for Technology and Regulations. Because Robert likes to share his knowledge in the field of building technology, he regularly acts as a guest lecturer and visiting critic at TU Delft, SBR, and Bouwen met Staal.

Theater 2

Theme: Building with what’s in your backyard

Moderator: Leonne Cuppen

11:00 Iris Veentjer, Studio i Focus

Title: Van oorsprong naar nieuwe toepassingsmogelijkheden (NL)

Iris Veentjer is the owner of Studio i Focus. This is a design studio for, among other things, innovative material research and experimental and conceptual design. Iris graduated as an interior architect from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. She is involved in freelance projects for various companies and institutions and works on self-initiated design projects such as Bakkie Trots and RietGoed.

11:35 Christine Jetten, Studio Christine Jetten

Title: Let the building sing

Christine Jetten is a glaze artist, and owner of Studio Christine Jetten, whose architectural glazes add to the expression of buildings across the globe. She propagates glazed ceramics as an autonomous material with special qualities. Christine wishes to activate awareness for the built environment and to stimulate the senses of the public for our buildings.

12:10 Pim Hondeveld, Straw Block Systems

Titel: Gezond voedsel en betaalbare (gezonde) huisvesting ineen!  (NL)

Pim Hondeveld is developer, director and owner of Straw Blocks systems BV. At the age of 65, he started Straw Blocks Systems and developed a special machine under his own management that converts raw straw bales into profiled Lego-like straw blocks and then processes them in a light wooden frame into high-quality, load-bearing prefab elements for facade, floor and roof.

12:45 Margreet van Uffelen, Omlab

Titel: A shitload of resources

Margreet van Uffelen is the co-founder of Omlab, circular and biobased designstudio in Arnhem. When co-founder Huub Looze designed and curated the first Biobased Pop-up store, Margreet made all resources, products and research accessible to the public in writing. The concept for Omlab started to grow afterwards: Make (!) the difference. Omlab’s – founded in Fall 2019 – explores futureproof 3D constructive printing now. Part of the mission is creating awareness about the true price of ‘cheap’ construction material and the wealth of new materials in your own backyard waste.

13:15 Break

Theme: Recycling & Colours

Moderator: Leonne Cuppen

14:00  Pim Dekkers, Occony

Title: Organizing Interior Lifecycle Extension; Decreasing Carbon Emissions and Virgin Resource Usage

Pim is an entrepreneur in and around sustainability in the furniture industry, running both a furniture label (Occony) and a software company (rrevive). His ultimate goal is to eliminate the use of virgin resources in our industry. Keeping an eye on timeless design!

14:35 Julia Kaleta

Titel: Shades of sustainable colours: how designers are re-defining the role of colour in the fashion industry?

Julia Kaleta is a critical fashion practitioner, sustainable colour researcher, and the author of Atlas of Sustainable Colour(s) – an ongoing research project into mapping alternative and innovative colouring methods. Julia is based in Amsterdam, holds an MA in Fashion Strategy from ArtEZ (2019) and a BA in Fashion Design from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2014). Her interest in the aesthetic experience of colour and its materiality is approached from a designer’s perspective accompanied with a philosophical reflection. Her book was presented at the Sustainable Innovation exhibition, Munich Fabric Start (2019) and at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (2019).

15:10 Michelle Baggerman, Bureau Baggerman

Titel: Project Chrysalis: From container to textile

Designers Michelle Baggerman and Jessica den Hartog met in their shared drive for transforming waste materials into valuable resources through design research. In Project Chrysalis they investigate the possibilities of developing recycled yarns for closed-loop textile products out of household waste plastic, together with the Aachen Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials (AMIBM).

15:45 Jan Pels, TNO

Title: TORWASH, a new system for bioplastics recycling

Jan Pels is a chemical engineer who develops technologies to convert biomass waste material into renewable fuels and other useful materials. The TORWASH technology platform is developed by Jan Pels at TNO. Commericalization is done by its spin-off company TORWASH BV. Recycling of biodegradable plastics is one of the newer applications that involves depolymerization and recycling of PLA and PHA. Combined with smart designs, it is possible to make recyclable composites, objects, packaging where PLA/PHA is combined with steel, fibers, etc. Without TORWASH these would not be recyclable.