The anisotropic material properties of moisture expansion in industrially produced paper and natural wood are similar to and mostly tried to be avoided. Combined with other materials though the expansion of the paper reveals interesting effects, which can be used in rather atypical contexts.

This project is a layered structure, which reacts to short-term environmental conditions, morphing into various states. Thoroughly dry, it creates a tactile and exciting surface by raising the separate segments. When exposed to a minimal change of humidity, it creates a gesture so subtle it is almost invisible. Meanwhile, it performs a vast transformation when it gets wet. Under the influence of rain, the layers form a closed surface and respond by glowing gently.

Supervision from:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Holzbach, IMD
Prof. Georg-Christof Bertsch, Intercultural Design
Dipl.-Des. Steffen Reiter, IMD
Dipl.-Des. Friedrich Söllner, IMD

In cooperation with: