* Programma onder voorbehoud. De lezingen zijn in het Engels tenzij anders aangegeven.

Theater 1

Theme: Future Materials

Moderator: David Heldt

11:00 Billie van Katwijk, Studio Billie van Katwijk

Title: Mudernism

Conceptual product designer Billie van Katwijk is fascinated by nature: that endlessly shapeshifting, growing, blooming, dying, sprouting, phenomenon. From these natural cycles, all sorts of materials emerge. Some are treasured (gold, oil, diamonds) while other materials remain unseen or unappreciated. Billie van Katwijk unravels the beauty of these materials. Slaughterhouse-waste becomes a luxury leather, a residue from the sewer shows its hidden colours when turned into a glaze. Cremation ashes are transformed into delicate porcelain. Van Katwijk believes in showing contradictions and taboos, but she doesn’t judge. Her projects seduce people to think and to engage in a dialogue. “My concepts are completed by the user, with his or her own thoughts.”
Van Katwijk graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) in 2017 and since has her Studio based in Amsterdam. Next to her design practise, she teaches at Amsterdam Fashion Institute and currently she is pursuing the Artistic Research Master at the University of Amsterdam. 

Photo credits: Elisabeth Lanz Fotografie

11:35 Reinier Bosch, Solarix

Title: Creating a new material language for solar facades

Reinier studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. His work is internationally known and awarded for his groundbreaking vision and projects. In 2016 Reinier Bosch started Solarix with partner Marloes van Heteren. By developing innovative aesthetic solar panels on facades, Solarix wants to contribute to the development of smart cities in which buildings generate more energy than they consume.
12:10 Jean Frantzen, DGMR

Title: Healthy Bio-Based materials

Jean Frantzen is studied architecture at TU Delft. He worked as an architect and designed furniture, falling in love with wood as material in the process. Since 2008, Jean works as an advisor sustainable building at DGMR. Circularity makes no sense if we make our materials with chemical or fossil resources. We don’t want to dump toxic materials and we shouldn’t include toxic materials endlessly in our circular materials. Here are opportunities for bio-based materials that can be produced without poison and that can contribute to our health in our built environment. In this lecture Jean will explain the principles for healthy buildings and how Bio-Based materials can contribute to this.

12:45 Klaske Postma, VanHier

Title: If you can’t find it, then develop it and start a factory

Klaske Postma is educated as Industrial Product Designer. During her research for Dutch manufactured, nature based and circular materials she noticed that the materials she wanted to apply weren’t available. She started to experiment and developed a biomaterial called BioM. The startup company VanHier was founded in 2021 and at this moment, she is setting up a pilot production plant. ‘Learning by doing’ is her motto.

13:15 Break

Theme: Recycled Materials

Moderator: David Heldt

14:00 Lotte Douwes, Studio Lotte Douwes

Title: Circular Collection – The beauty of ceramic waste

Studio Lotte Douwes has a strong focus on high-quality ceramic designs and circular production methods. The collections Lotte designs play with the concept of space. Such as the new Lamp&Socket Rim collection. Lotte researches circular use of raw materials and ceramic waste, from which, among other things, the Circular Collection was created. She want to show the beautiful character of this unused material. As a result it becomes a valuable material within the ceramics production chain, something she hopes the industry will pick up too. The variety of outcomes and possibilities have led to design collections suitable for restaurants, offices and home environments. 

14:35 Jan Puylaert, EcoPixel

Title: Circular Plastics

Jan has studied Industrial design at NHIBS in Antwerp, did a Master in science – Bionica – at the Instituto Europeo di Design (CRIED) in Milan. In 2000 Jan Puylaert opened his Design&Production studio under the name WET® with which he promotes trendsetting products of high design level specialized in the bathroom area and with sales on international scale. During the years he becomes more and more involved in the actual material matter and production field when he develops together with Claudio Milioti the innovative eco-sustainable ECOPIXEL® material which apart from being an innovative material, aims to be a High End Designers brand in all fields.

15:10 Jeroen Wand, Studio Jeroen Wand

Title: Re-Veneer, and other low-value materials

Studio Jeroen Wand creates products, objects and installations that challenge the established order. The studio explores the dynamic raw and unpolished part of design, stimulating the search for alternative forms of what is to be considered beautiful or agreeable. The designs of the studio are not conventional and compliant, but go beyond the predictable.

Studio Jeroen Wand alters, reinvents and modifies traditional combinations of materials and techniques, culminating into unconventional production processes, such as paper laminating or plaster rotation moulding. The works of the studio are the result of experiment and research where the method of production directly influences the form and function.

Jeroen Wand (1985) studied product design at the Academy of fine Arts and Design in Maastricht (NL). In 2008 he graduated with an MA at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam (NL). Currently, Jeroen Wand lives and works in Eindhoven.

Photocredit: Sam Walravens

15:45 Simon Spier, Circular Design

Title: Producten en design uit afval (NL)

Simon Spier was born and raised in Amsterdam where he built a career in fashion, interior and furniture design. Over the past two years, as a result of questions and comments from the market, Simon has developed a new product: Brickbin. Beautifully designed waste bins made of recycled polyethylene for indoor and outdoor use outdoor use. Turns out they didn’t exist yet. He focuses with Brickbin on institutions, governments and the business market. Consumers are not yet willing to pay more for products made from recycled materials.

16:20 Anton & Dennis Teeuw, Planq

Title: From Jeans to Interior Product

Rezign by Planq is founded by the twin brothers Anton & Dennis. They believe to make an impact by inspiring the world to make beautiful products from waste materials. Therefore, the twin brothers developed Rezign, a veneer made from textile waste and biobased resources. Rezign consists of overstock recycled denim jeans, white denim, army and suits clothing, as well as flax, hemp, and jute. Besides offering the Rezign veneer as a tool for creators to design new products, Anton & Dennis run their own sustainable furniture brand Planq, in which this recycled material is a main feature in the collection.

Theater 2

Theme: Design & Retail

Moderator: Sigrid Lussenburg

11:00 Gianmaria & Giorgio, Studio GROOVIDO

Title: Make it groove, how to convert your material into a design product

Gianmaria & Giorgio first met in Eindhoven where they both attended the master degree in Contextual Design at Design Academy of Eindhoven. In 2019, they joined forces creating Studio GROOVIDO. They don’t define themselves only as designers or artists, but their practice and work are on the verge of both. They believe in the poetry and narrative power of things.

11:35 Erik Tempelman

Title: Future Materials

Which science fictions will one day become engineering facts? Specifically, what are the materials that we will use to build our future? During his talk at MaterialDistrict Utrecht, Erik Tempelman will address the challenge implied in these questions. With 25+ years of experience in materials and design, across a wide range of products and projects, Erik is well-equipped to handle these matters. An entertaining speaker, he can be trusted to make you think about the materials of the future – the science, the engineering, and the design aspects.

12:10 Lydia Fraaije, FRAAI architecten

Title: What can we learn from Nature? Developing sustainable materials on the nano scale

Lydia Fraaije is a biomimicry and biophilic architect and has been running her office FRAAi architects since 2006. She is one of the founders of Bio^mi. Bio^mi is a collaboration of architects that together have the objective to bring biomimicry into practice by developing sustainable materials for the future inspired by biological nano structures. During the lecture you will receive an introduction to biomimicry and, on the basis of a number of inspirations from nature, you will gain insight into learning from nature results in the development of sustainable materials.

12:40 Carin Frijters, RetailTheater

Title: Kansen pakken binnen de retail (NL)


Is there still room for the physical store in these fierce times? Absolutely, but the phygital version please! Retail expert Carin Frijters wrote the retail bible Prikkel de Koopknop and the practical sequel RetailTheater. Her most recent book is the Retail Survival Guide, published in 2021 during the Covid pandemic. Smart insights from various retailers in times of crisis, how to deal with a 1.5 meter economy. She wasn’t born on the shop floor just yet, but it was close. Whether it concerns one unique pop-up store, shop or large-scale chain, she is happy to advise on the development, implementation and activation of a distinctive retail concept.

The books mentioned are available during this MaterialDistrict Utrecht edition!

Photo: Chymo Meng

13:15 Break with books by Carin Frijters for sale

Theme: Circulair ontwerp, hoe dan? (bni & BNA)

Moderator: Evaline Kruyssen

14:00 – 16:30

Op woensdag 6 april organiseren bni en BNA de sessie ‘Circulair ontwerp, hoe dan?’ op de beurs MaterialDistrict Utrecht. Aan de hand van vijf inspirerende presentaties doe je ideeën op voor het verwezenlijken van jouw circulaire ambities bij jouw eigen projecten. Doe mee met de sessie en voorzie jezelf van kennis en inspiratie die je concreet in je eigen case kan toepassen. We sluiten de middag af met een open gesprek tussen sprekers en publiek waarin we elkaars kennis bundelen om projecten uit de zaal een stap verder proberen te krijgen op gebied van circulair ontwerp. Ook maak je kennis met bni partner Stichting Insert. Meer info over  de presentatie vind je op de websites bni.nl en bna.nl (agenda).

Sprekers: Fieke Grooters (Made by Phi, CIRCO), Joanne van Vreeswijk (Inbo), Suzanne Bakkenist (Space Monkey), Elise Zoetmulder (Zoetmulder) en Mark Lepelaar (NPSP).